Community Action Little London and Servias

Community Action Little London and Servias is a residents group that aims to bring about positive change in the Little London area through community action.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Community Action Little London and Servias

Community Action Little London and Servias is a locally led Community group run by volunteers, who aim to make general improvements and increase the quality of life for residents in Little London and Servias in Leeds.

CALLS believe in taking action and responsibility for your own environment and surroundings and look to creating solutions to some of the ongoing problems in the area.

The aims of CALLS are to:

To improve Little London and its immediate surroundings
To improve the local environment, community spirit, community safety, and community services
To increase community involvement and to utilise the skills of the local residents
To take part in social, campaigning and fundraising activities
To work with and promote other appropriate groups and organisations.

In the following pages you can see some of the projects we have been able to undertake. We want to continue doing these projects but we need your help and ideas. CALLS meet regularly to discuss ideas and issues and are always open to ideas and want as many local people to get
involved as possible.


At 11:16 AM, Blogger Henry said...

Go Katie! This is a good start, and you've prompted me to follow your example. All you need now is to keep on working on your new blog through the night and it'll be fantastic like all the other nerdy geeks out there ;-)

At 6:04 AM, Blogger jms_asuma said...

What has little london housing done 4u?.What has the housing manager Mr Brian burton done to inprove living conditions for little london resedents, nish as far as im concerned. Everyone is entitled to a decant standard of living which as housing manager Brian burton is another dismal failure. He has no idea who lives in the flats who is subletting there flats thus putting residants in a dangerous situatuion.

At 6:26 AM, Blogger jms_asuma said...

It is my beleif that Little london is being delibratley run down to force the long term resedants ie those who have been here for years who have no wish to move being forced out due to the filthy conditions and overall disintrest shown in the conditions both inside &outside of the Oatlands blocks. the conditions of these flats are the worst they have been for years hence the question what has Mr Burton the housing manager done to inprove coditions in Little london apart from run it down even further.At the end of the day he is just another fat cat on a fat wedge being paid to do nothing.


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