Community Action Little London and Servias

Community Action Little London and Servias is a residents group that aims to bring about positive change in the Little London area through community action.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Little London Community Day 10th June

This event just gets better and this years event looks to be a good one. Community Action Little London and Servias, a local residents group were awarded Arts Council money towards the day.

It’s going to be taking place on the Saturday the10th June, in the heart of Little London on the greenspace near the Little London housing office, as well as in the LL community centre, from 12-5pm.

The day is a free event for all, and is aimed at promoting all the local talent from the area, and surrounds. There is going to be activities and acts to satisfy all, including Leeds Silver Sparrow Steel Pans, great moves from Breakers Unify, Leeds Young Authors, as well as performances from the pupils of the local schools, and others. Plus all this there is more including a bouncy castle, face painters, arts activities from Little London Arts, community stalls, and the England game showing in the community centre!

Please come along and join us, and support the positive things about Little London.

There is still room available if you would like to perform, have a stall selling crafts, food etc. Get in touch with Katie, Community Action Little London on 2348877 or at

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Community Action Little London and Servias

Community Action Little London and Servias is a locally led Community group run by volunteers, who aim to make general improvements and increase the quality of life for residents in Little London and Servias in Leeds.

CALLS believe in taking action and responsibility for your own environment and surroundings and look to creating solutions to some of the ongoing problems in the area.

The aims of CALLS are to:

To improve Little London and its immediate surroundings
To improve the local environment, community spirit, community safety, and community services
To increase community involvement and to utilise the skills of the local residents
To take part in social, campaigning and fundraising activities
To work with and promote other appropriate groups and organisations.

In the following pages you can see some of the projects we have been able to undertake. We want to continue doing these projects but we need your help and ideas. CALLS meet regularly to discuss ideas and issues and are always open to ideas and want as many local people to get
involved as possible.